Scope of J-MMCT

This journal’s objective is to report significant new developments in the theory and applications of computational techniques for problems of interest across its three founding IEEE societies, the Antennas and Propagation, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, and beyond: to researchers and practitioners in other areas of science and engineering, working on subjects related to electromagnetic fields.

We are committed to becoming the main source of reference for the latest, high impact research on multiscale and multiphysics computations of electromagnetic fields, but also welcome contributions from researchers in any area of computational science and engineering on techniques that have potential applications in electromagnetics.

Word Choice

We prefer that authors use inclusive language. For example, please use non gendered terms when possible, and replace the terms “master” and “slave” with “parent” and “child” or “primary” and “replica.”

Useful Links

  • J-MMCT ScholarOne Manuscripts page:
  • IEEE Author Center: All the information needed to prepare your IEEE submission, including article templates, Latex analyzer, PDF checker.
  • Submissions to the Journal should be formatted according to the standard IEEE Transactions template. The templates are available here.
  • Publication fees: 8 pages at no cost; $200 (US) per page for each additional page up to 8. J-MMCT will not publish papers longer than 16 pages.